The AFM is a non-profit California corporation that was founded in 1954 by a group of sport riding enthusiasts in the North Bay Area. It is the oldest racing organization in the country dedicated soley to motorcycle road racing.

Northern California has one of the largest populations of sport riders in the country. Many of those sport riders find their way from the areas mountain and canyon roads to the AFM and the race track. Many of them, after a season or two on the track, cut back or quit street racing when the relative safety of pushing their limits on the track becomes clear.

A typical AFM race day will see several hundred racers, which can account for 300 plus total race entries.

Each new racer is required before entering a race to pass a New Racer School (NRS) held by AFM, or an AFM approved NRS from one of the following providers, Keigwins, Z² Track Days, Pacific Track Time and Let's Ride Track Days. More info can be found on our NRS Program Page

The AFM welcomes spectators and provides the best show available in west coast motor-sports. Join now and be a part of all the action with the AFM. Become a Racer, Associate Member or Course Worker and get involved in the most exciting motorsport on the face of the earth. Racing with the AFM will provide you with the safest and most responsible crew you are going to find anywhere. We are a volunteer organization and are always looking for interested people to work with us. If you are not a racer? but would like to get directly involved, please contact our Course Worker Coordinator Phill Brown by email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.