NOTE: For contingency payouts - all riders must fill out all contingency forms before the first race on Sunday at Round 1 which is available in Tech. If you want factory contingency you MUST pre- register on the factory website ASAP. Everyone will need to fill out a contingency form at EVERY AFM race event for ALL contingency payouts. Contingency forms must be filled out EVERY AFM race weekend to receive payouts. No form = NO PAYOUT

This is the list of Sponsor Contingency programs that are available for the current AFM racing season. Additional information will be posted as we get it or as additional programs are offered.

If you have any questions please contact our Contingency Administrator This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Follow the links below for information on each sponsors contingency programs. We have listed the main contingency link for each sponsor along with their AFM specific program link.

NOTE: Please refer to each sponsors program information for instructions on contingency registration process. 

BMW Road Race Contingency Program



















Dunlop AFM Contingency Program - PDF Download (265 Kb)







Still TBD For 2018

Kawasaki Team Green Contingency Program

Still TBD For 2018

HM Quickshifter has announced that they will be awarding an HM Quickshifter Plus to the rider posting fastest time in FIII qualifying session starting from the 2nd round this weekend and for each of the remaining rounds in 2018

more info




Still TBD For 2018


Yamaha Road Race Contingency Program

Still TBD For 2018