What is Clubman?
Clubman races are part of our Super Saturday. There are three classes: Lightweight, Middleweight, and Heavyweight. See rule book section 6.1.4 for class breakdown. These classes are an easier way to get started racing with the AFM and help you build your skills.

Who is required to enter Clubman?
See rule book section 6.1

  • You are a first time rider with the AFM (license status NC) who has not completed a clubman race with lap times within those required by rule 6.1
  • You have not met the required times per rule 6.1 for the past two race meets.

Advancement out of Clubman:

  • Times in the Clubman race are the only times that will advance you to ride the Sunday races.
  • Once you have met the cut off times at a track, for any class, you do not have to ride Clubman again.

Should I enter other races besides Clubman?
You must sign up for at least one race in addition to the Clubman race. If you do not pass the Clubman requirements you will not be charged for the races not raced in. See rule book Appendix C, Refund Policy for more information.

When is Clubman practice?
Riders with a NC license status MUST enter Saturday practice. There is usually 5 groups on Saturday and Sunday. The myAFM entry system will automatically assign you a practice session number for each day.

How will the Clubman races be gridded?
Gridding will be set by points earned. Riders who haven't earned any points will be gridded by AFM number after all those with points.

What happens if it rains on Saturday and the Clubman races are cancelled?
Stop thinking like that-it's bad luck. If Clubman races are cancelled, everyone who entered other races will be allowed to race. Your lap times from these races will determine if you have to enter Clubman at the next event attended.

What awards are given for Clubman classes?
Plaques are awarded for the top three finishes in each Clubman and Novice Clubman or Novice rider’s and the first finishing Novice Clubman or Novice in all other classes after the results are final, 30 minutes after posting of the un-official results. All Novice Clubman and Novice rider’s are eligible for a year end class championship in each of the Clubman classes. Experts who do not meet the minimum lap time requirements for a particular class and participate in the Clubman races are not eligible for year end neither Clubman championships nor Clubman race day awards.