What is the AFM Mentor Program?
The AFM Mentor Program is designed to pair up new racers with seasoned AFM experts to help answer any questions, offer insight into the AFM and set expectations for the upcoming race event. Most of the contact will be through phone calls and e-mails, but occasionally we can pair a racer with someone local for hands on help. The goal of this program is not to make you a faster racer; we leave that to the trackday providers. The goal of the Mentor Program is to make sure you have the information necessary to prepare for an upcoming event and a friendly face in the pits that you know you can turn to for help on race day.

Who should have a Mentor?
Anyone new to racing or new to the AFM should have an experienced club member to contact before and during any event. If you already have support but they don’t have the extended expert level experience of others in the club, it’s helpful to have that extra person to turn to as a sounding board or to validate the advice you were given or found online. Even if it is your 3rd weekend out, it is still nice to know you have someone experienced you can turn to for questions.

How do I get assigned a Mentor?
The program is voluntary, and there are 3 ways to get connected:
To be assigned a mentor, simply contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
If you are signing up for the NRS, talk to your trackday provider about the program to see if any of their instructors are AFM mentors.
Look for us at the track. We will have an “AFM Mentor Program” banner displayed in the pit area. Where ever you see that banner, you can find someone to answer your questions.

How can I become a Mentor?
Experienced (expert) racers can help the AFM by becoming a mentor! Being a mentor requires you to give up a small portion of your race weekend as well as be available prior to events to help new racers settle in and prepare for their upcoming event. While it is a time commitment, the personal rewards, added safety and benefit to the AFM are well worth it. The qualifications are: at least 3 years experience racing with the AFM, a strong ability to communicate AFM processes and procedures, a respectable AFM record and the commitment of your time to keep the ‘mentee’ on track (pun intended). We do not require the fastest racers and you are not limited by the class you compete in. This program is about instructing OFF the track and working with the new racer in the weeks prior to an event and in the paddock. If interested, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.