General Information

Information on AFM licensing / membership process and fees can be found at the Membership Info page

When racing with the AFM for the first time you will be required to enter a Clubman race on Saturday after passing your NRS evaluation (with AFM or a AFM TrackDay Provider Partner). Full information can be found at the Clubman Racing Program page.

Prior to your first race weekend with AFM you may find it helpful to participate in the AFM Mentor Program which is designed to pair up new racers with seasoned AFM experts to help answer any questions, offer insight into the AFM and set expectations for the upcoming race event.

Please read the entire Competition Rulebook carefully to make sure you are familiar with all requirements for racing and bike tech preparation.

For more info on getting started as a new racer please read the New Racer Orientation Guide.

Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding racing with the AFM.


*Please make sure to arrive at the racetrack with your bike prepared properly to pass tech!

Here is a a PDF form that shows the tech requirements your bike will need to meet - AFM Tech List Form - This form will help you understand what will be checked on your motorcycle and equipment on your first day. If you have questions regarding tech prep please contact the AFM Chief Tech Inspector.

Paul Keiffer - AFM Chief Tech Inspector
(707) 337-7539
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Riders Meetings

There is a Mandatory Riders Meeting each day on race weekends. Listen for calls over the PA and be there on time! Refer to the race day program for the respective radio station PA feed. Items covered – track conditions, use of flags, starting procedures, event schedule, important news. Any registered rider, if found not attending, may be fined 

Riders Meeting Location:

  • Buttonwillow: Next to main building 
  • Sonoma: Hot Pit entrance 
  • Thunderhill: Start/Finish) 

Practice Sessions

AFM runs multiple practice groups differentiated by your race times at that track. On-track times for each group will typically run 15-20 minutes per session. Sessions for each group are run in the morning and again in the afternoon. Same groups used for Saturday and Sunday. New Racers are automatically placed in the slower groups to start. You may change groups only after completing a practice session having times to validate a group change. You may request a “Practice Sessions Change” from registration – you must receive a time validation printout. Then proceed to Tech. It is at the sole discretion of Tech whether or not to grant a practice session change.

Saturday: Lowest number group goes out first at 8:30am and highest number group (fastest) goes out last. Saturday groups rotate until 3:30pm with a lunch break at noon. Special class qualifying sessions are run on Saturday afternoon.

Sunday: Lowest number group goes out first at 8:30am and highest number group (fastest) goes out last. Each group gets 1 session and then racing begins.

Championships & Awards / Points

On race days, awards are given to the top 3 finishers in each class and the top novice rider. Points are tabulated towards Season Championships. Many classes also have contingency or sponsor monies offered by various manufacturers, businesses and shops.

The AFM's premier event, The Formula Pacific Challenge... the fastest riders on the fastest bikes... also has prize and contingency monies.

Trophies are released 30 minutes after Official results are posted. 

Race Registration

AFM uses Motorsport Reg for online race registration. Create a free account there to access online AFM race entry.

Create Your Account - Motorsport Reg

Account Login - Motorsport Reg

If you have questions about or need assistance with the race entry process, please contact the AFM Chief Registrar: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.