AFM Licensing/Membership Process 

Primary AFM licensing & membership processing is done online through the MotorSportReg system. To apply for a Race License, become an Associate Member or an AFM Worker please visit the following link - 2023 Licensing Event

Racers and Workers are required to complete the Contact Information with Medical Release Form and a Release and Waiver of Liability Agreement:


Online DocuSign forms: 
2022 Contact Information and Medical Release
2022 Release and Waiver of Liability - Adult


Download, print, and sign (using blue/black ink only): 
2022 Contact Information and Medical Release
2022 Release and Waiver of Liability - Adult

And mail your originals to:

AFM Licensing Committee
2070 N. Broadway #5334
Walnut Creek, CA 94596

Please visit the following link for the online Minor application
2022 Minor Licensing Event

Minor applicants must submit original documents.
The AFM Licensing Committee must receive a hard copy of the minor applicant’s documents.

2022 AFM Application_Minor 16-17
2022 AFM Application_Minor 15 and Under

We can accept these items via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. but we need original completed forms prior to issuing a License. 

Mail completed originals to:
AFM Licensing Committee
2070 N. Broadway #5334
Walnut Creek, CA 94596

* There may be additional requirements for racers under the age of 18. Please contact the AFM Chief Registrar for more information.

** Racers from other organizations also need to complete the standard licensing procedure.

2022 License/Membership Fees


Full Year 







Reciprocity (partner club)


Single Event


Race Day/Weekend Fees

Transponder Rental


No Show


DNS (Issues a grid spot and did not start the race)

$20 each

Refund Policy

  • Cancel your pre-entry before the deadline: no charge.
    • Pre-enter Saturday AND/OR Sunday, no show: a $100 administrative fee will be applied plus transponder rental if applicable.
    • Received tech slip for Saturday practice: No refund.
    • Received tech slip for any race: a $20 processing fee for each grid spot will be applied.
    • Received tech slip for any race and started the race (this includes the warm-up lap): No refund.
    • Pre-enter Formula race and participate in corresponding qualifying session, cancel or no show Formula race: No refund.

    If you pre-enter for Saturday and/or Sunday but do not show, you will be charged only for the administrative fee. For Saturday practice, if you register and receive your tech slip, no refund is possible. For any race, if you register and receive your tech slip, you will be charged $20 for each grid spot not used (unless your name is on the crash list for that day). If you start any race, including the warm-up lap, no refund is possible for that race. Any rider who pre-enters a Formula race and participates in the corresponding qualifying session relinquishes their right to request a refund for the Formula race.

    A request for a license fee refund must be received in writing. A refund must be requested prior to the last scheduled race event of the year. To obtain a license fee refund, you must not have participated in any AFM event. The maximum refund available will be whatever license fee you paid, minus $50, which will hold your membership at the Associate level. A refund relinquishes your current AFM number.

    If you are due a refund, an AFM credit will be issued internally that can be used anytime and never expires.

    Returned checks, outstanding credit cards and unpaid fines will result in the suspension of your racing privileges and/or membership until all monies and/or fines have been paid (Ref. LI-1.3.5).